Azim's Rest

Nestled away betwixt the mountains of the Steppe exists a small settlement of Xaela. They go by the name Tarikh and their way of life is wholly based around the land and the bounty it produces. Using their generations of expertise in all things natural they have set up a shop for weary travelers to lay their feet and heads while also experiencing the culture of the Steppe in items, food and drink and trademark Tarikh hospitality.

Payment is accepted either in the form of currency or goods.

Location: Lavender Beds I Ward 1 I Plot 4 (Steppes Icly)

Time: Every Tuesday at 8pm EST

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Sea Buckthorn Juice

This Liquid gold is of the utmost importance for the steppes as it is said to have many healing properties and is used in powders, alchemical potions and soaps. It has been reduced to a juice and is now able to be sampled as a drink along with your meal.

Airag is a fermented dairy product traditionally made from horse's milk. It is very light in body compared to most dairy drinks. It has a unique, slightly sour flavour with a bite of mild alcoholic content

Steppe Tea

Tea is the local drink of choice made in a large pot over a stove with half-water, half-milk, a handful of tea leaves, some salt, and perhaps a dollop of butter it is the perfect flavour for those who are in need of something warm

The Arkhi or milk vodka is another steppe speciality. It's distilled with fermented tarag (yogurt).

Azim’s rest is also open to serving other drinks but will need to be directed towards a supplier so it can be stocked appropriately.


Tarikh Soap

All soaps are made from milk and animal fat and come in the following variations:
Sea Buckthorn

Made from all natural ingredients sourced fresh from the Tarikhs personal stocks these lotions are perfect for your skin and will keep it healthy.
Available in:
Sea Buckthorn

Honey Scented
Lavender Scented

Divination dice
Dice that are used in rituals to determine courses of actions are popular among the more religious Xaela who use them to dictate where to hunt and when. They are made out of animal bones and are wrapped in treated animal hide.

Khet khutga
A traditional decoration of the steppe, it is a richly decorated knife, with the handle and sheath made of silver, red wood, bone and leather and embedded with pearls.

Yol Talisman
Made from the corpses of long dead Yol that have served their purpose in life they are made into a blessed talisman using it’s bones, feathers and beak all weaved into a beautiful decorative piece hung on a leather chord that is said to bring it’s bearer great swiftness.

Shrine of Nhaama
A small handcrafted shrine to the dusk mother made from the ivory of Matanga tusks and embedded with a pearl to take the place of the moon.

Animal Hides
If an animal exists within the Steppe you can find it's hides at the Rest. They have been expertly treated and cut by master craftsman.

Botanical Supplies
If it grows on the steppes it can be found in this shop.

The Tarikh do not wish to house the politics of the Steppe among their home and as such visitors can find that they will be under similar rules as those found in Reunion. As such violence and aggression will not be tolerated.

OOC: We'd like to thank you for reading the carrd and showing interest in our event, it's a new endeavour for us and we are open to feedback and suggestions.


Found just outside the Ger is a small wooden board that houses notices and such pinned to it.

Request name: Dzo Hides needed
Request giver: Kahless Tarikh
Request details: Due to recent incidents the hunting grounds of the Tarikh have become unusable and as such they are running low on the hides of Dzo. They will pay with items or coin.
Other Details: Not a Dmed event, just a hook for Roleplay.

(Anyone can put up a note here just send me the details)